Tear Drop shaped Pink Amethyst Semi-Precious Stone Saddle Ear Plug

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This natural semi-precious stone flesh plug is double flared, so it sits nicely in your ear without requiring O-rings.

It has been carved and finished to an incredible standard.  It is highly polished and silky smooth.  As it is quite a dense stone, it has a nice weight to it without being heavy.

Colour may vary slightly as it is made from natural materials.


Sizes: 6.5mm (2GA), 8mm (0GA), 10mm (00GA), 12mm (1/2"), 14mm (9/16"), 16mm (5/8"), 18mm (11/16"), 20mm (3/4"), 22mm (7/8") and 25mm (1")

Material: Natural pink Amethyst.

Type: Flesh Plug 

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