our new mystery box sets! what will you get?

our new mystery box sets! what will you get?

Sometimes it can be difficult to find the exactly the right plugs that you want especially when there is so much choice. If you have ever felt like this, well we have just the thing for you! Why not try one of our amazing 'Mystery Boxes' and let us make the sometimes difficult choice about which plug you should wear.

We have 2 different types of 'Mystery boxes'.  The first, the 8 X Acrylic Plugs 'Mystery Box' contains a selection of 8 of our finest acrylic plugs.

You can choose whether you want your box to contain 8 different plugs, or 4 matching pairs.  Also, if you want more feminine or more masculine plugs just send us a message and we will happily accommodate. Our Acrylic Plugs 'Mystery Box' is currently available in sizes 6mm to 25mm.

The box is only £25! That's only £3.12 per plug! An absolute steal!

Get an Acrylic Plugs Mystery Box Here

The other 'Mystery box' available is the 8 X Organic Plugs 'Mystery Box'. This contains 8 supreme quality plugs made from all-natural materials. These could be wooden plugs and tunnels, stone plugs and tunnels or horn plugs and tunnels.

If you don't like plugs made from animal products please let us know and we will ensure we exclude them from your order.

This set is only £35 a box! That's only £4.38 per plug! Where else can you get beautiful natural wooden, horn, bone or stone plugs for that price?

Get an Organic Plugs Mystery Box Here

Our mystery boxes always include a wonderful selection of hand-picked plugs for each unique person, so no 2 boxes are ever the same.

So why not treat yourself and get one of our 'Mystery plug boxes' full to the brim with a selection of great quality plugs and tunnels.