It's been an exciting journey so far... We've only just begun

We've been very lucky over the past few years to have built up a very loyal following of great like-minded individuals that love body modification.  Although running a business can be tough, with long hours and difficult decisions to make, there are plenty of amazing things too.

We would like to share just a few of them with you now.

Making someone's day
We know how it feels to look forward to receiving a new item of clothing, or jewellery item in the post. It's very exciting. So just knowing that every time we send out a parcel to someone, they have a smile on their face as they open it is a great feeling.

Doing that little bit more
A while back a customer requested we draw a picture of a cat on their order envelope, to which we obliged.  It was fairly crudely drawn as unfortunately, we are no artists.

After posting it on different social networks, as well as receiving great feedback from the customer, we started receiving more and more of these requests, each getting more bizarre.  A mermaid riding a kiteboard, a dinosaur eating pizza etc... 

We LOVE doing these drawings for our customers, knowing that they are going to have a great big smile on their face as they see the badly drawn characters on their parcels.

Keep them coming! The stranger the better!

Customer submitted photos
One of our favourite things, and something that still blows our mind is that technology has allowed us to see people who have purchased products from us and how amazing they look wearing the plugs, tunnels or whatever else.

It's great to see photos of where the plugs and tunnels have ended up, and it's really nice getting to know you all that little bit more. So please keep submitting photos, and we will keep adding them to our website.

Please tweet us photo @justeros, tag us on Instagram @justeros or tag us on Facebook.

We cannot be more thankful to have such great customers, and are looking forward to a brilliant future together.

We have a lot of exciting things planned for 2014, and we are pleased to have you along for the ride.