How to look after a new piercing

So, you’ve just got yourself a fresh new piercing! Awesome! Now comes the job or making sure that it heals properly, and doesn’t get infected.

Keeping a fresh piercing infection-free is pretty easy, as long as you follow these simple steps:

- After a fresh piercing, your body will create a fluid called Lymph, which is perfectly normal. This fluid will dry and become crusty and can be quite sharp, so be sure to remove it twice daily by using hot water or a slightly salty saline solution. You can make a saline solution at home by getting a mug of hot water and mixing some salt into it.

- Do not remove the jewellery from your new piercing until it has fully healed.

- Don’t use any shop-bought anti-bacterial products on a fresh piercing, as these could tamper obstruct your body’s own natural healing mechanism.

- Be clean. By this, we mean, make sure to have clean bedding, ensure that your hands are clean each time you need to touch the piercing etc… This is the simplest way of avoiding infection.

- Finally, eat healthily. As with everything, a healthy balanced diet can do wonders, so make sure that you are eating healthily, drinking plenty of fluids and plenty of sleep and vitamins.

In summary:
- Remove crust with hot water.

- Don’t use anti-bacterial agents.

- Don’t remove the body jewellery.

- Be clean!

- Healthy living.

Good luck, and happy modding!