How to hide stretched ears

You love the idea of stretching your ears, but you are worried that you may not be able to get a job? We’ve heard this a number of times, and of course, if you are concerned that it may affect your future then do not stretch your ears. Ear stretching is still considered an extreme body modification by the general populous, some of which may be quite judgemental towards such things.

If you do wish to stretch your ears, there are a few ways in which you can hide your stretches, depending on how large you have stretched.

Keep it small
If you stretch your ears to 8mm or smaller, they would not be that noticeable to the untrained eye, and by simply wearing a gem fronted plug, you would be able to disguise your stretched lobes as earrings, which are much more socially acceptable.

Acrylic Cubic Zirconia Single Flared Flesh Plugs

Flesh Tone Hider Plugs
Flesh tone hider plugs are designed to hide your stretches as best as possible. They are often found in lighter colours for caucasian skin and are a good way of hiding smaller-medium sized stretches.

This method would not really be suitable for anyone with larger stretches, else it will look like you have very large earlobes.

Acrylic flesh/skin tone hider plug

Long hair
Finally, by far the easiest way to hide stretches of all sizes are by hiding them underneath long hair when worn down. Simple!