How long should my new piercing take to heal?

So, you’re looking to find out how long your new piercing should take to heal? The body is an amazing thing and will heal itself, but this takes time.

Each part of the body is different, and therefore takes a different amount of time to heal. Below is a short guideline of roughly how long a piercing takes to heal.

Don’t forget, everyone is different, so please don’t be worried if someone else’s piercing has healed quicker than yours or vice-versa.

Below is a rough guide as to how long it should generally take for your piercing to heal:

Earlobes: 1-2mo

Cartilage: 6mo - 2yr

Cheek: 2-3mo

Eyebrows: 2-3mo

Lips: 1-2mo

Nipples: 3-6mo

Labret: 1-2mo

Nostrils: 3mo -1yr

Genitals: 2-8mo

Septum: 1-2mo

Navel: 6 mo- 1yr

Tongue: 1-2mo