Fancy a more simple plug or tunnel? If so this is the blog for you.

Fancy a more simple plug or tunnel? If so this is the blog for you.

We love simplicity, so this blog is a showcase of just a few of our favourite, more simplistic plugs and tunnels available at as we know that some people prefer a more plain sophisticated plug.

We love the plain Solid Black Organic Areng Ebony Wood Ear Plug. The great thing about wooden plugs and tunnels is they are extremely light and comfortable to wear, and being a porous material they let your stretched ears breathe and will stop your ears smelling.  If you haven't tried wooden plugs before we would recommend it. These are an extremely popular design and should be in everyone's plugs collection. 


The Solid Organic Sono Wood Brown Ear Plug is hand-carved to the same quality finish as the Ebony Wood plug as mentioned above, but it is made from stunning brown Sono wood. This plug has a slight convex front/back and is a true classic so will never go out of fashion. This should also be in everyone's plug collection.

One of the great things about wooden plugs is that because they are 100% natural materials, no 2 plugs are the same, with very slightly different grain and markings.  Amazing.


This popular Tamarind Wood Off-Centre Ear Tunnel is a classic, It has a simple off centre hole cut out of it which  makes it unique. A must-have plug for any collection.

Finally, moving onto our simple yet elegant buffalo honr and bone range of tunnels.

Below are the delicate hand-carved Black Organic Buffalo Horn Ear Tunnel, that is so light you cant even feel it in your stretches, and it looks great. It is another must have for any plug collection.

We also have the same style of tunnels made from white buffalo horn, which are also incredible. Get some of them here: White Organic Buffalo Bone Ear Tunnel.


We have many more plain and not-so-plain plugs and tunnels available at Go check them out.