Ear stretching - The point of no return

Stretched ears - the point of no return

Ear stretching can be addictive, just like tattooing, and just like tattooing it can end up permanent and also become a "job stopper"

When stretching your ears you need to be aware of the consequences of doing so.  Are you going to want to become a professional when you are older (such as a banker, lawyer etc...) or are you going to be a creative, graphic designer, artist etc...?  There are multiple paths in life when it comes to your career, and things like tattoos and stretched lobes can hamper your progress if you aren't too careful.

We are in a period in time when people shouldn't be discriminated against for being individual and having piercings and tattoos, but unfortunately, we still are.

What is known as 'The Point of No Return' is very important when it comes to your future.  'The Point of No Return' is the point at which your stretched ears will most likely not ever go back to normal once taken out, and you will be left with holes in your ears forever, without the intervention of surgery.

'The Point of No Return' is roughly considered to be about the 8mm (0GA) mark.  Once you stretch past this, the likelyhood of your ears returning to normal is less likely.

Thre are obviously other factors involved, such as your age, skin elasticity, how quickly your body recovers from wounds and many other things that vary from person to person.

Stretching your ears can be a lifetime decision, just like having a tattoo, but if you aren't too careful, it's a decision that you cannot hide in later life, like you can a tattoo on your shoulder.