Do piercings and ear stretches hurt?

I’m sure that if you have piercings, and especially stretches of your own, you will have had someone ask you at least on a few occasions “Ouch. Does that hurt?” Which you would have probably replied, “Errrr. No”.

Obviously, the piercing and stretch does not continuously hurt once healed, but how much pain is involved when actually having a fresh piercing or stretching up your ears.

How much does a piercing hurt?
There are different ways of piercing different parts of your body, and of course, different body parts are more sensitive than others, which makes the piercing more painful.

Fleshy areas of the body such as your earlobe, lip, belly button etc… do not really hurt too much to have pierced. There’s a short sharp jab, and that’s about it. Having something more sensitive pierced, such as your genitals pierced would hurt much more because you have much more sensitivity and pain receptors in those areas, but it should still just be a short sharp jab, just a bit more painful.

So in essence, piercings don’t really hurt as much as you would expect them to. It’s just a short, sharp pain for a second. Much like having an injection.

Does stretching your ears hurt?
When stretching your ears, the pain is very much different to that of having a fresh piercing. As you are not making a fresh piercing in your skin, you are simply stretching an existing piercing, the pain is less sharp, but is more of a hot, stinging sensation.

Using a stretching taper is the most common way to stretch your ears, and you will be able to feel your earlobe start to gradually sting and feel warm, until you have got your new plug or tunnel in.

This stinging sensation usually lasts for up to 25mins or so, but after that it shouldn’t hurt any more.

In summary, a fresh piercing is a short sharp pain that lasts for a second, and stretching your ears is a medium stinging sensation that lasts for about 25 minutes or so.