PMMA acrylic flesh plugs are amongst the most popular due to the limitless number of designs and styles that can be made. From simply plain coloured acrylic plugs, right through to superheroes, floral and more, acrylic flesh plugs are the most versatile available.

Our acrylic flesh plugs are made from the highest quality PMMA acrylic and come in a multitude of different styles and colours.  Our PMMA acrylic plugs come as screw-fit plugs, double flared saddle plugs and single flared plugs.  Some of the most popular colours for acrylic plugs are black acrylic plugs, white acrylic plugs, red acrylic plugs and blue acrylic plugs.

PMMA Acrylic flesh plugs are the funkiest and most colourful types of plugs that you can buy. With designs to suit every taste, in sizes from 4mm (6GA) - 25mm (1"), we have something for everyone.