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About us

Eros is a body jewellery company based on the South coast of England, established in 2011. It was born out of a passion for body jewellery, fashion, music, art and alternative culture.

We stock only the highest quality body jewellery products at an affordable price, and are always more than happy to help you with any enquiries that you may have about our products.

We have hundreds of different plug and tunnel designs in a whole host of materials, in sizes from 1.6mm right up to 50mm, there really is something for everyone.

Want to know more about the people that actually run Eros?

Hometown: Brighton, England
Interests: Music, Playing guitar, Graphic Design
Favourite music: Weezer
Favourite food: Quorn Chilli Con Carne or Curry
Interesting Fact: Starred in Andrew LLoyd Webber's 'Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat' at the London Palladium as a child.

Hometown: Hastings, England
Interests: Films, Film Production, photography.
Favourite music: Kanye West
Favourite food: Roast Potatoes and Curry
Interesting Fact: Is going to, one day marry Johnny Depp. However, she is currently stuck with Kav. Bummer.

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