3 Pcs 316L Cartilage & Tragus Bar with Pink Gem Top

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How would you like not one not two but three tragus bars? The 316L Cartilage & Tragus Bar with Pink Gem Top look amazing in your ear, and  with three different size gems you can wear them separately or wear them all the same time, as shown in the photo. These are extremely popular and are a must for people who have cartilage and/or tragus peircings.

Named after the incredible Aurora Borealis, more commonly known as the "Northern Lights", these body jewellery items shimmer and shine with amazing colours.

These beautiful jewellery items are also available in Black and Clear.

Length: 6mm (2GA)
Diameter: 1.2mm (16GA)
Material: 316L Surgical Steel
Suitable for: Cartilage & Tragus

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